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About Us

Six months ago, my wife and I stumbled upon the marvelous world of making tea blends and crochet. Since then, we have delved into the art of combining these two passions, creating a harmonious symphony of creativity and comfort. Together, we have embarked on a journey of flavorful tea and coffee as well as crochet masterpieces, infusing each stitch with love, joy, and a dash of whimsy.

The beauty of this endeavor goes beyond the threads and the teacups. It has brought us closer as a couple, weaving our souls even tighter as we share each others appreciations for tea, coffee, and the art of crochet. We spend countless blissful hours amidst soft bundles of yarn, sipping and blending fragrant teas, strong coffees, and indulging in conversations that fill our hearts with warmth.

Not only has this journey been personally fulfilling, but it has also allowed us to forge friendships along the way. We have connected with kindred spirits, fellow tea lovers, avid coffee connoisseur, and craft enthusiasts alike who share our passion for these delightful pursuits. Through vendor events, meetups, and online communities, we have had the privilege of getting in touch with our community and are looking to expand to the online world 🙂